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Use your imagination and create images or video presentations
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As the name implies, SpeedyPainter is a painting tool that provides users the means to realize video presentations, edit and create original images, all at an amateur scale.
It has a swift and uncomplicated setup operation and once you've completed you get in touch with a basic and clean interface. The GUI has no sort of graphic customizations or extra theme choices and the menu navigation often seems quite sluggish. Also, the page sections could've been better delimited and the buttons better polished.

Its embedded features aren't innovative for multimedia editing but they are well-integrated. Users are offered the possibility to vary the stroke size and the capacity according to pen pressure, replay the drawing process, as well as import or export the drawing.

Moreover, with the brush library, users can choose from multiple brushes, import new ones, or even define new custom brushes.

They can also create horizontally mirrored images or radial repetitions of a pattern, as well as replicate the canvas movements to help users focus on the portion of the images that they are working on.

To summarize, SpeedyPainter does represent an innovation in this branch but it offers enough to suffice the needs of most people. It's not built for professionals, the animations aren't always smooth, but it doesn't crash or offer error dialogs.

John Saunders
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  • Comes equipped with multiple brushes
  • Replicates canvas movements
  • Can replay the drawing process


  • Seems sluggish at times
  • Has poorly crafted buttons
  • Has no extra theme choices
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